Digital Pet Radiology
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Fast and accurate X-ray imaging for cats and dogs.

At Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield, we are equipped with state-of-the-art digital radiology technology that allows us to perform in-house X-rays swiftly and efficiently. This capability is crucial in diagnosing a range of pet emergency situations, making sure that your pet receives the best possible care without delay.

Critical Pet Care Situations Requiring X-Rays

Pet X-rays are a vital diagnostic tool in many emergency and urgent care situations. At Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield, we use our pet radiology technology for: 

Our emergency services include:


For pets involved in accidents, such as being hit by a car or suffering a fall, pet X-rays can quickly assess internal injuries, fractures, or other hidden damages.

Digestive Issues:

If your pet has ingested foreign objects or is experiencing severe abdominal pain, digital pet radiology can help identify blockages or other gastrointestinal problems.

Respiratory Distress:

Pet X-rays of the chest can help diagnose conditions causing breathing difficulties, such as pneumonia, heart failure, or collapsed lungs.

Orthopedic Concerns:

Quick radiology imaging is essential to evaluate bone fractures, joint dislocations, or spinal injuries, which are critical for formulating an effective treatment plan.
Our emergency services include:

Urgent, Emergency and critical care

Emergency soft-tissue surgery

24/7 monitoring

Pain management



Why Digital Pet Radiology?

Digital radiology for pets offers a significant improvement over traditional X-ray technology, providing a number of crucial advantages. Firstly, digital images are available almost instantly, drastically reducing the wait time associated with the development of traditional film X-rays. This speed is vital in emergencies where every second counts. Additionally, digital pet X-rays produce higher-quality images, enhancing the clarity and detail essential for accurate diagnoses. Moreover, our veterinarians can consult with board-certified radiologists who can review these high-resolution images, ensuring that our diagnoses are informed by expert opinions whenever necessary. This combination of immediacy, enhanced image quality, and specialist consultations makes digital radiology indispensable in our diagnostic toolkit.

Our on-site capabilities include:
  • Full in-house Laboratory Testing 
  • Infectious disease testing (Parvo test, HeartWorm test, Giardia test, FelV/FIV test, Fecal examination, etc). 
  • Advanced Digital radiography with Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist consultations. Abdominal Ultrasonography. 
  • Hospitalization & ICU monitoring of severely ill patients (24/7) 
  • Oxygen therapy for respiratory support 
  • Advanced Fluid therapy 
  • Emergency Surgery - Soft Tissue
  • Fully stocked Pharmacy 
  • Blood Glucose Check 
  • ECG Monitoring 
  • Blood Pressure monitoring 
  • Isolation room for hospitalized patients 
  • Toxicity and Poison ingestion management. 
  • Pet Euthanasia and cremation (We promise a compassionate and caring goodbye when it is the right time). 

Digital Pet Radiology in Westfield

If your pet is in need of X-rays, you can trust Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield to provide fast, high-quality imaging that supports rapid diagnosis and treatment during an emergency. Call us right away to utilize our digital pet radiology services. We are ready to assist you with advanced imaging that can make a critical difference in your pet’s health outcome. 


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Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield provides digital pet radiology for dogs and cats needing urgent, emergency, and critical care in Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas.

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