Emergency Pet Surgery
We are here when every second counts

When your pet needs surgery now.

Pet emergencies can happen at any moment, and being prepared is crucial. Our emergency pet surgery services at Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield provide immediate, life-saving care when your dog or cat needs it most. From delicate wound repairs to critical gastrointestinal surgeries, our skilled veterinary team is equipped and ready to handle complex surgical emergencies with compassion and expertise. When every second counts, trust us to give your pet the urgent surgical care they deserve.

Our Emergency Soft-Tissues Surgeries

Our dedicated team at Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield is prepared to handle urgent surgical needs for your dog or cat. We specialize in a range of emergency pet surgeries, including:

Wound and Laceration Repair:

Swift care to treat and manage deep cuts and wounds.

Foreign Body Removal:

Expertise in removing ingested objects that could harm your pet.

Gastrointestinal Surgeries:

From bloat (GDV) to other critical GI issues, we provide immediate intervention.

Tumor Removal:

Prompt removal of tumors in critical situations.

Hernia Repair:

Addressing sudden hernias that can affect your pet’s quality of life.

Emergency Spay Procedures:

Necessary spaying in emergency scenarios to prevent further health complications.

This list is not exhaustive. If your pet requires a life-saving emergency pet surgery not listed above, give us a call immediately to see if we can help. 

Our emergency services include:

Urgent, Emergency and critical care

Emergency soft-tissue surgery

24/7 monitoring

Pain management



Experienced Care Throughout Their Procedure

Our team ensures that your pet is monitored closely from the moment they are under our care. During emergency pet soft-tissue surgery, we keep a vigilant eye on vital signs and anesthesia to ensure your companion’s utmost safety and comfort. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and surgical tools to address and manage any surgical emergency that comes through our doors. Following your pet’s procedure, we will discuss post-operative instructions and pain management for optimal recovery. 

Our on-site capabilities include:
  • Full in-house Laboratory Testing 
  • Infectious disease testing (Parvo test, HeartWorm test, Giardia test, FelV/FIV test, Fecal examination, etc). 
  • Advanced Digital radiography with Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist consultations. Abdominal Ultrasonography. 
  • Hospitalization & ICU monitoring of severely ill patients (24/7) 
  • Oxygen therapy for respiratory support 
  • Advanced Fluid therapy 
  • Emergency Surgery - Soft Tissue
  • Fully stocked Pharmacy 
  • Blood Glucose Check 
  • ECG Monitoring 
  • Blood Pressure monitoring 
  • Isolation room for hospitalized patients 
  • Toxicity and Poison ingestion management. 
  • Pet Euthanasia and cremation (We promise a compassionate and caring goodbye when it is the right time). 

Emergency Pet Surgery in Westfield

If you think your pet might be in need of emergency pet surgery, don’t wait. To better prepare for your arrival, we request that you call us before heading to Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield. This allows our team to prepare all necessary surgical equipment and can mean faster attention upon your pet’s arrival. Our doors are open to provide critical care when your pet needs it most.


We'll be with you

when you need it

Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield provides emergency pet surgery for dogs and cats in Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas.

We are open Monday - Friday 4pm - 1am
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