Pet Ultrasound
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Immediate ultrasound imaging for pet urgent care.

Pet ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique that uses sound waves to produce real-time images of the internal organs. This diagnostic is crucial for quickly and accurately diagnosing various conditions. At Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield, we recognize the importance of rapid diagnostic tools in veterinary emergencies. Our in-house capability to perform abdominal ultrasounds is a cornerstone of our commitment to providing pet emergency care.

Ultrasound Diagnostics and Emergency Pet Care

Our veterinarians at Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield find pet ultrasound is particularly useful in diagnosing and managing various emergency conditions, such as:

Abdominal Pain:

Pet ultrasound can help pinpoint the cause of abdominal discomfort, whether due to pancreatitis, liver disease, or other internal issues.


For pets that have sustained trauma, an ultrasound can quickly assess internal bleeding or organ damage.

Suspected Blockages:

If a cat or dog has ingested a foreign object, pet ultrasound can confirm its location and impact on the surrounding organs.
Our emergency services include:

Urgent, Emergency and critical care

Emergency soft-tissue surgery

24/7 monitoring

Pain management



How Sound Waves Can Save Your Pet

Pet ultrasound is an invaluable tool in the emergency veterinary setting for its non-invasive nature, ability to provide real-time results and detailed imaging capabilities. Ultrasound imaging is particularly beneficial for critical patients because it requires no incisions, minimizing stress and discomfort. The real-time images generated by ultrasound allow for immediate assessment and ongoing monitoring of a pet’s internal condition, offering detailed views of abdominal organs. This level of detail helps identify issues such as fluid accumulations, masses, and other abnormalities that might not be visible on standard X-rays, making it an indispensable diagnostic tool in managing a wide range of emergency conditions.

Fast Diagnostic Care
Our ability to perform abdominal pet ultrasounds on-site means we can make rapid, informed decisions about your pet’s health, leading to faster treatment and better outcomes. If you suspect that your pet is experiencing a health emergency that may require an ultrasound, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.
Our on-site capabilities include:
  • Full in-house Laboratory Testing 
  • Infectious disease testing (Parvo test, HeartWorm test, Giardia test, FelV/FIV test, Fecal examination, etc). 
  • Advanced Digital radiography with Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist consultations. Abdominal Ultrasonography. 
  • Hospitalization & ICU monitoring of severely ill patients (24/7) 
  • Oxygen therapy for respiratory support 
  • Advanced Fluid therapy 
  • Emergency Surgery - Soft Tissue
  • Fully stocked Pharmacy 
  • Blood Glucose Check 
  • ECG Monitoring 
  • Blood Pressure monitoring 
  • Isolation room for hospitalized patients 
  • Toxicity and Poison ingestion management. 
  • Pet Euthanasia and cremation (We promise a compassionate and caring goodbye when it is the right time). 

Pet Ultrasound in Westfield

At Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield, our use of abdominal pet ultrasound is part of our wider commitment to employing advanced technology to improve diagnostic accuracy during critical care for cats and dogs. If your companion may require an abdominal ultrasound due to a pet emergency, contact us right away. Trust us to provide the highest standard of care when your pet needs it most.


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Small Animal Emergency Hospital of Westfield provides pet ultrasound for dogs and cats needing urgent, emergency, and critical care in Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas.
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